Foster homes

Foster home

We are always looking for foster homes for our dogs.

These dogs differ in breed, age and height.
Some dogs are traumatized and in desperate need of love and attention.
In a foster home this dog can calm down and the foster family can assess what kind of new owner will be best for the dog.
We often rescue mothers with puppies who need fostering and also for the elderly ones we are always in need of loving care.

Are you interested in fostering a dog?
Please send an e-mail to one of the addresses at the bottom of this page with as much information as possible about yourself, your family situation, pets and your working hours.
Also mention your telephone number.
One of our contact persons will get in touch with you and make an appointment to visit you at your home. During this visit we will give you all the information about your possible foster dog and at the same time we can see where our rescue dog will eventually be living.
When people are interested in adopting your foster dog we will inform you as soon as possible.

Contact addresses:
For The Netherlands:
For Spain: or  
For Belgium:



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