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Filia (#14864) adopted


June 2018, from Fabienne’s diary : The umpteenth litter and litter and litter, ... So it was again, another litter of the beautiful mama they are so crazy about ... But every time a litter when she was in heat, that was just too much, ... Just take them along with you, as if all of it is logical, normal , ... Most Spanish people shudder away when you mention spaying or sterilizing, and if you try to explain it you must use beautiful words or you get high words, ... Mama is a Border Collie, dad would be a Perro de Agua, did they tell us, ... So she had her umpteenth litter again and the puppies, they had to leave quickly, ... They were handed out to friends and acquaintances, who also don’t castrate again, and so in the foreseeable future also get puppies, and so on it goes on and on, ... Fiorella, Flora, Fenix ??and Filia are now safe, and candidates for a better future than for their mommy, ...

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