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Manolin (#14212) adopted


December 2017, from Fabiennes diary : Manolin and Manue, nice faces but not pretty enough, ... Manolin and Manue are family of Bimi, anyhow the owner of the mothers is the same ... A lady who breeds Chihuahuas and Yorkies. The dogs are breeding machines, they have to produce and produce with every heat ... It happens that purebred Chihuahuas and Yorkies are accidentally (?) covered by stray dogs ... The owner wasnt very peculiar with it ... If there were suddenly a few breed-deviant puppies at birth, well, they sell less well ... These little ones are then surplus who have to go elsewhere ... They do not want to put any money in them ... That is how this, for us so great sweetheart, ended up with us. They dont know what they are missing out on ... They are puppies like all others, with a healty and beautiful joie de vivre, who play and cuddle, run around you and cheer you up with their happy faces ...
December 2017 - Manolin and Manue on YouTube

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