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Rory (#14204)


November 2017, from Fabiennes diary: Two mothers and kids are safe with us ... Rory and Lorelai ... They are two quiet characters, very good mommies, they are just sitting together in a big cabin and they take care of each others doggie puppies ... very nice to see ... They are still very scared, went through a real hell ... Slowly we are getting this right, for sure, but it will take some time ... The puppies are no longer afraid of us, they all find it nice, they look like little bonbon sweets…. They are running from mom 1 to mom 2 and are received with so much love by each of them ... The animal world, we humans can learn so much from it ... It is just normal for them to support each other and make their little puppies happy together, now that this is possible ... They get food and drinks and a warm basket, which is already a nice start for these sweet little stray dogs ...
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