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Leo (#14189)


November 2017, from Fabiennes diary : “Leo, discarded by his hunter, ...” Leo the Breton was rescued from a hunter ... He was worthless because Leo has dysplasia, through which he can’t run ... He must get a quiet life and he is not able to participate in long walks. Despite his disability, does he really only want to play and lie with you, follow you wherever you go ... His kind, open, sweet character touches you, whether you want it or not ... He doesn’t stop cuddling and his little ass tirelessly keeps on shaking with joy if he gets some attention ... Meanwhile, is he the darling of the clinic, but of course can’t he stay there ... Thats why we are taking this sweetheart in our care, an always smiling, good soul. Leo is still very young, he is barely 6 or 7 months old, is social with humans and animals, very affectionate, a real puppy, still very playful and merry. He is a four-legged friend who must become happy, despite his handicap ... That is what he is entitled to!!
Leo op You Tube
November 2017 - Leo on YouTube

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