In memoriam

In Memoriam, Tricolor, to us more than a disposable cat...

Our tricolor is no more... a cat that has been with is for months, in our clinic.. 

In Memoriam Bongo

22-04-2015 we took you into our heart at Eindhoven airport, today 09-08-2017 you looked at us: 'owners, it it enough... let me go'. Letting you go, out of love... we would have loved to give you so much more years here with us, but it is over. The last 2.5 years you got to enjoy your senior years here with us. You got to feel how it is to be loved by a whole family! We will miss your cuddles.... bye sweet Bongo xxx

in memoriam Bonbonneke

With sadness and pain in our hearts, we had to say goodbye to Bonny today, her Ace name was Bonbonneke. 

in Memoriam Chance

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our sweetest of all sweethearts yesterday. Our Spanish grand lady, our cuddly teddybear, people- and animalfriend, Chance. 
Before, her name was Phee, short for keep hope, as we were told by the french lady who fostered her in Spain and whom we have met on the Ace reunion day. 
We have had the privilege of spending 5 delightful loving years with her, we have learnt so much from her. 
A tumor in her head turned out to be fatal. Her life had been harsh before she came to us. During an examination on her head, it became clear that she had bullet fragments in her head, this after a harsh and neglected life close to Granada. 
Our hearts are broken and we miss her so much. Thank you Chance for your trust and unconditional  friendship. 

In memoriam Puk

With pain in my heart I would like to inform you about the passing of Puk. He came to me by the name of Erwin, a cross Perro de Agua. Sadly, the leishmania bacteria became fatal. The bacteria was tested positive a year ago and the disease was under control with medication. Last week this filthy bacteria became active again, Puks kidneys were too weak and he had to give up the battle. 

In memoriam Esta

Esta (Esther) came to live with me in 2009, she was around 5 years old and had been through a lot.

In memoriam

She was my first ACE dog, neglected and scared, abused in her heart and soul.

In memoriam Mambo

Sweet Mambo has gone, he came to us with one eye and stole the hearts of Katrien and John.

in memoriam Billie

Unfortunately I have to inform you that we had to say goodbye to Billie yesterday evening.

In memoriam Cabalito

Today I had to let my little boy pass away. He was falling on his little head constantly and his hind legs were very weak. The vet thinks that he suffered from glandular cancer because he had difficulty swallowing and eating.

in memoriam Donut

It has taken some time before I was able to write this piece.

In memoriam Bertis

Unfortunately I have to give you the sad news that Betis has died on Monday. We are very sad.

In memoriam Indy

Our big bear has left us.

In memoriam Bonnie

Time goes too fast.....My Bonnie has gone......

In memoriam Sammie

On February 16th, 2016, I had to say good bye to my big, clumsy and naughty Sammie (Samsara).

in memoriam Pimpinella

We had been very careful with the measuring and removal of the mammary gland tumors. It was a bitter disappointment when we were told, after the hospitalization, that the cancer had spread to her lungs. The prognosis was that my little girl had only 2 months to live. Because Pimpinella was such a sweet, cheerful dog full of vitality and resiliency, we have done everything, together with a holistic doctor, to keep Pimpinella happy and pain free for as long as possible! After her past in Spain, she deserved nothing less!

In memoriam Balou

We had to say good bye to our Balou (ACE Teddybear)

In memoriam Princesita

Princesita, my little princess didn;t make it,...

In memoriam Bram

Sweet Bram, you have left us.

In memoriam Arnoldje

To our great sadness we had to say good bye to our Arnoldje on February 29th.

In memoriam Zyra

On February 5th we had to say goodbye to Zyra. She suffered from a tumor in the adrenal and she has died during the operation.

In memoriam Max

He arrived on a Friday, brought After being with us for 11 and a quarter years, we had to say good bye yesterday to our beloved Max

In memoriam Kookee

With great sadness in our hearts we have to inform you that Kookee quietly passed away on December 3rd.

In memoriam Tommeke

The story of our cat Tommeke, who has died today........

In memoeriam Guty

Guty has passed away. He was seriously ill, suffering from lymph node cancer. Together with Triana they were living happily, since years, with Leen for which many thanks……..

In memoriam Winston/Spock

Our sweet Spock, we will never forget how much he enjoyed living and how hard he had to fight for it.

In memoriam Jaimy

To my great sadness I have to inform you that my dearest Cocker Spaniel Jaimy has died.

Bono in memoriam

On July 29th, you arrived at Eindhoven airport.

Memee in memoriam

Our sweet Memee.......

Katy in memoriam

In the beginning of 2014 we had 2 dogs, Sugar and Ticky from Turkey, both were about the same age. In May, Ticky died about 15 years old. We decided to take a new dog, preferable another Cocker Spaniel. We had found the ACE/SHIN website.

Flipper in memoriam

Unfortunately my dog Flipper (Flip) has died on April 1st, after a wonderful time of 10 years.

Queeny in memoriam

At the end of April we had to say good bye to our Spanish diva, Queeny (9 years).

Vida in memoriam

Hereby I bring you the sad news that our much loved Podenco lady Vida (before Amylie) has died in a tragic accident on Friday, June 29th.

Barney in memoriam

Barney (Zakir)

Kobe in memoriam

Dear Fabienne and friends of ACE SHIN

Toscah in Memoriam

Our Toscah came into our life as a puppy that worried us so much.

Sanson in memoriam

Our Sanson has passed away,........

Guicci in memoriam

Hereby we give you the sad news that our little but so very brave Guicci has died on Monday morning. Sunday night his health deteriorated so fast we could barely understand.

Sevgi in memoriam

After many great years, we had to say goodbye to our dearest dog Sevgi, yesterday.

Phoebe in memoriam

On July 24th the day finally came; we could welcome Phoebe (at the time her name was Zeta) into our lives. What a fantastic, crazy but oh so sweet and lively dog.

In memoriam Janneke

Janneke (Madameke)

Armani in memoriam

Armani, our Spanish matador.

Floortje in memoriam

In memoriam: Floortje (Bollie)

in memoriam Nuba

With pain in our hearts we have to inform you that our sweet Nuba has passed away on January 14th, 2015 at 13.30.

Dyson in memoriam

We want to inform you that our sweet Dyson, before Starsky, has past away last Saturday, January 10th.

Alois in memoriam

Unfortunately the new year has started bad for me.

Topsy in memoriam

Another sad message from me: Topsy (Soky) has passed away!

Manu in memoriam

Manou I will always remember with beautiful memories, the years you have given me, if only you could have stayed a few years longer. But unfortunately after the second cerebral hemorrhage there was no option left, you don’t want to live like a plant!

Urko in memoriam

With great sadness we want to inform you that our sweet Urko has passed away today.

Teka in memoriam

Dear Fabienne and all people from ACE,

wilson in memoriam

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our Wilson last Friday.

Toscos in Memorian

Sadly I have had to say goodbye to dear Toscos who had been with me for almost 18 months.

Stevie in memoriam

Stevie......A tribute......

Shanti, My Sweetheart...

No words......Only tears.......

Modena in memoriam

On August 26th, I had to say goodbye to my dearest Modena. Modena, my heart, my soul…….

Lilli in memoriam

Dearest Lilli,

Shirley in memoriam

These days are difficult for Isabelleke. Her sweet heart Shirley has passed away,......

Esfrania in Memoriam

On July 28th, 2014, our little girl has died. Frannike had been sick for about 2 weeks and had fluids around her heart. During the 2 weeks, Franneke had visited the vet several times. She had been given medication to remove the fluids but they didn't works. We had decided to go to Diepenbeek for an echo graphy. After the examination and echo ( we were with her the whole time) the result was there. Frannike was suffering from cancer with metastasis. Her spleen was full of the cancer. The little girl had been so good and quiet during the whole examination. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done. She quietly died in our arms.

In memoriam Hope aka Kruimeltje

With sadness I want to inform you about the sudden death of my girl Hope (named Kruimeltje at ACE). During the night she suffered from diarrhea, vomiting and then she slept till half past 10.

In memoriam Boba

On November 1st, 2009, the most brave lady, first class, became part of our family.

In memoriam Dee and Milan

We took them in, with love, we so much wanted to save them, to give them a chance, even when they were in such bad condition,........

Kwiebus in memoriam

Kwiebus a.k.a. Isbor

Bo in memoriam

Dear people,

Jessie, aka Tala, in memoriam

You didn’t hear from me a lot because everything was going fine with all your dogs........

Indy in Memoriam

Dear Indy,

Thirza aka Enania in memoriam

Today, April 24th, around 13.15 we have softly let go, Thirza, a vet of the faculty of veterinary medicine in Merelbeke was present.

Magoo in Memoriam

Unfortunately our sweet Magoo has died after 5,5 years. During those 5,5 years he has enjoyed Noordwijk with it’s beach, dunes and the sea. We have enjoyed each other very much and we will miss our little Spanish doggie terribly.

Pixie in memoriam (aka Boulette)

After our last email contact, Pixie has been with us for another year.

Zabu in memoriam

Dear Zabu,

Lowie in Memoriam

You came to live with us in 2009. At the ACE website your name was Fernandito but that name didn’t suit you and we named you Lowie. It took some time before you felt at home, you destroyed a few pieces of furniture but in the end everything was fine. You became our most faithful friend who protected his boss with his life and for our son Victor you were the audience for hours when he was playing.

Shinook in Memoriam

Some years ago we adopted a dog, his name was Shoeke. At the time we lived in Asse. We have named him Shinook. Unfortunately we have to let him go tomorrow :-(

In memoriam, Guper, little man...

Our Guper has gone,.....He ran and ran and ran, away, away, away from the world of humans,.......

Prada in Memoriam

On February 14th, our sweet Boxer girl Prada has passed away.

Trixie in Memoriam

My mother adopted a dog from you, 2.5 years ago, called Trixie.

Bella in memoriam

Our mama’s dog child has gone.

Perlina in Memoriam

To the kind bosses of Perlina,

Litz in memoriam

Litz is no longer with us,… the support of Eveline,… her first Sharpei, her darling,… what an enormous pain we feel!!!

fabbeke in memoriam

Fabbeke, when you were 4 months old, you came into foster care with us. We gave you the name Fabbeke as a tribute to Fabienne. After 2 failed adoptions we decided that you would stay with us.

Frits in memoriam

Frits has died

Nacho in memoriam

Sweet Nacho,

Sweet Sisi has lost the battle

Sisi has died quietly this evening.

Bassie a.k.a Sebastiaan

We will miss Sebastiaan terribly. Of all the dogs we have had he was the best.

Amadeus Mozart is gone,....

Tonight has been a difficult night for all of us,………..

Xandro in memoriam

I'm so sort to informe you that Xandro very unexpected passed away early this morning.

Graham in memoriam

Graham came to live with us four years ago.

Luka in memoriam

Last Wednesday November 20th, we had to say goodbye to our Spanish Waterdog Luka,

Joyma left us...

Today Joyma (my Johnny) told me he was in pain, We went for our last walk on the campo with his friends and then it was time to let him go to sleep.


Sweet Mieni,


Hereby I want to let you know that we had to say goodbye to our Carola, yesterday.

Nuca went to the angels,...

I tell you this besauce I know that I can´t talk about her without crying my eyes off. She was only one of my 4 boxers who was sleeping always on my side. Always next to me where ever I was...and now that place is empty....I love all my dogs but you know that every soul is different...and I miss my Nuca so deeply that it really hurts a lot.


Today, 23 September, Toos crossed the rainbow bridge. She still has had 4 good years.


To my great sadness I had to say goodbye, this morning, to my dearest sweetheart Jordy, my big, small Cocker Spaniel...........



Liza in memoriam

Since 2008 I have adopted Liza from your organization.


We wish to inform you that, this night, Tina (before Martina) is gone from us. So suddenly we did not expected; we knew she was not going to overcome the winter, but now, so suddenly gone from us very early ...

Bella Linda

Sweet, sweet Bella Linda!!


Nona has been put asleep, my brave girl, came blind to me years ago in foster, with her strong character she gained her place among all large dogs. Everywhere she followed me without leash, two years ago she became deaf, it did not matter, every day she sauntered loose during her one hour walk in the forest, knew the way, she enjoyed it.

Luzje alias Lydia


Bobby (Brooke)

On November 18th, in the evening at 19.00, you passed away in our arms.




Today we had to say goodbye to Lily. She has become about 12-13 years old.


I am writing to let you know that on Tuesday the 11th of June our wonderful Balloo passed away from kidney failure.


On Monday May 27th we had to say farewell to our beloved Sam.





Luna,... Before Setta is no longer with us...

Setta, who had a very small heart and was afraid of people could go to a wonderful family in Holland.


Your basket was waiting for you and you were in our hearts as soon as we saw you.

Luna, alias Setta

Luna, alias Setta with her little heart and so afraid of people, could go to a great home in the Netherlands, unfortunately she died suddenly, after her owners moved heaven and earth to save her. .. . MUCH TOO YOUNG SHE WENT FROM US ...

Luna was anxious and always on her guard. Every day she had to overcome her fear. But she grew, every day she managed to be surprised us with a positive change. Her world became increasingly familiar and she was my buddy and went out every night with me to work. The loss is enormous and the emptiness she leaves is painful.

Sending this mail completes the circle and I have to accept that she's gone.

Josee den Drijver


A word from her bosses,.....


On Monday January 7th, I, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to Chico, he was suffering from a fast growing brain tumor. Chico had an exceptionally sweet character.


To our great sadness we have had to put our sweet dog Zeus to sleep on February 2nd 2013.

Musafa in memoriam

Some sad news received this morning from Irma who adopted Musafa. He had a liver problem and finally they had to let him go.


Small sweet Kora,


Rafa, your were no ordinary dog, you had a heart of gold,


In this way we want to inform you with great sadness that our sweetest Noenoe ( Chrisje) has passed away last Sunday.


I miss you.........

Zorah in memoriam

Two years ago, in the middle of the night, we have welcomed you at Zaventem.

in memoriam Joey

Our dog Joey ( called Poppie before) came to live with us on July 8th 2006 and has unfortunately died on April 2nd 2013.

Mummy in memoriam

No words we can find for the lost of a lovely sweet Mummy podenca who finally fined her new home, who finally discovered that we "HUMANS" can be so different from each other, years and years she was something who did not had any value but producing and hanging on a chain,..

Woefie in memoriam

More than 5 years ago you came like a gift from heaven.



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