Lucky dogs

Our Roy, with his best friend Lucas

Roy, a french bull saved from a killing station was a big user manual in the beginning... but then he got to go to Belgium, and got the chance of a life time, with his foster familiy!
In the beginning it was difficult, but after lots of training and especially perseverance of little Lucas, a special friendship developed between Roy and Lucas. 
They are a step further today, after Lucas was busy with Roy day and night...


Lexie (Ace Delanna) has been with us since Friday. She arrived in Zaventem as a shy dog that was quite impressed of everything that has happened. Everyday she opens up a bit more. Her gigantic basket is sometimes not even big enough. Or she will choose to sit with us in the chair or lays down on the cool floor. Almost everyday she comes with us to visit her horse friends or enjoys a terrace. And soon we will visit Lily and Gill who were also adopted through Ace. Exciting!


Hi people from Ace!


For quite some time I was looking on the internet for a friend for our dog Bo, a sweet dog with lots of energy and a bit bossy towards other dogs. I visited the sites of the shelters in the Netherlands often. But it didn´t work out for different reasons, too big dogs, dogs who could not be home alone or dogs who were not good with children. 


On february 4th of this year, Sammie came to live with us. We have found such a great dog through Ace!


Woof, this is Toosje!

Rufino, ... Kiri

Hereby a mail to let you know how Kiri is doing. 

Athur (ACE Saturno)

After 1.5 year Arthur (our cross podenco maneto) is an incredible thankful doggy, that gives us so much joy and love. 
He is funny, cuddly and a real hunter when he is on his daily walk in the fields and orchard. 
His owners are his everything... Just like his owners, Arthur likes to travel, especially to the mountains.
Arthur gets all attention with the best care he could ever wish for and gives it all back to us... double!
He is a great dog!

Thanks to his foster mom Ellie to have taken him to Belgium and thanks to Ace for everything that you are doing. 

Best regards, Marleen & Kris

Yaco and Belle

These are Yaco and Belle, who have been with us since november and december 2014. They have evolved from scared and shy dogs to happy, playful and lovable sweethearts. They are our babies that we couldn't miss anymore!

Ziggy en Pietje

Sometimes I look at the ACE website. I say sometimes because I can’t face the animal suffering and I have already adopted two ACE dogs.


After living for 2 weeks with us, Jeroom (now Raoul) has adapted well. He has really become an essential part of our family. He is a super good and sweet dog. He obeys very well,he sits to get his paws cleaned after he has been outside. He never makes noise at night and he didn’t destroy anything.

Dolce (Bonnie) and Gabbana (Clyde)

Gabbana (now Clyde) and Dolce (now Bonnie) are doing very well.


We also adopted a dog via ACE-SHIN in January 2013: our English Cocker Spaniel O’Mali. He has really found his golden basket with us and he really loves to cuddle like you wrote in your description.

Dali (Patouf)

This week it is 2 years since Dali (ACE Patouf) came to live with us.












Love from Gines.


Hereby the story of our dog Bert.


Bollie is doing very well, he is healthy, cheerful, he eats well, obeys well. I can take him everywhere with me. He lies down under my chair and when I walk him he is jumping around and wants to play with every dog. In the car he is quiet and he also sat in the bicycle basket. He is a treasure and I am very happy to have him.


I would like to share with you the story of our Sarka, today she has been with us for 5 years!


When talking about success stories you should know the story about Lianka.

Witte parel

First I want to thank you for all the care and the very sweet dog we have received!

Bigy Boy

October 30th, 2015; the day when we finally found our ‘Dog’. We found him on ‘marktplaats’ so this way of advertising really works!


We would like to let you know how sweet Sadie is doing. We are very happy to have her. She is a very stable dog. She looks like a little cat but she won’t let someone steal the cheese from her.

Mallorca (Toke)

Who saved who? Toke (Mallorca) came into our life......I was very sad because my Boxer Nounia had died on June 30th, 2015 at the age of 13 years and 20 days......


Lady Yuma (Beyonce) has been living with us for almost 7 months now.


Hi everyone,

Poseidon a.k.a Tapas

On December 16th, 2015, our family could welcome this sweet dog via your organization.

Angie now Evy

At the site Evy was a cute dog of almost 2 years old, a bitch and she hadn’t lost her ‘trust’ in people. She arrived at the airport and I fell in love with this dog for the second time. Many things were still unknown and that makes it a gamble but also a challenge.



My Bodeguero is fantastic!

"Who are the lucky dogs again?"

Welcome home sweet Sany.

As promised a report about sweet Sany. But first I want to thank some people I really admire.


Our Bizi has become 8 years old on September 11th. She has been living with us since December 2007 together with another ACE dog called Kyra.

Babs and Tristan, before and now

Our Babs... An unnoticed, neglected Shepherd who came to us...

Everything is OK with Evita

Until now everything is going very well with Evita! She gets along great with our other dog.

Sita, before astrid

Sita has been living with us in Duiven for 3 months now. She is doing well and is feeling at home!

Antonio en Isabelleke

Yes, in September the dogs are living with us for 5 years! And I really hope the having to say goodbye will wait for a bit but the medication doesn't give us the result we were hoping for! The goodbye will always come too soon! But we have had 5 wonderful years! They always went everywhere with us, on holiday to Holland! And the day trips to the seaside! Also in Holland: the dog beach. They could run free there! I was hoping we could go to sea one more time but at the moment he is not fit enough. They are really super dogs and I haven't regretted for one moment that we aopted them. I have also been working with dog whisperer Birgitte Ginee, have a look on the site: and then look at the guest book where you will find our story, it has been from some time ago of course.

Ria, a dream dog...

Here are some photo's of Nyssa (Ria). A dream dog beautiful inside and outside. A friend for everyone. In the beginning she was very scared of everyhting and everyone, now she can't cuddle fast enough. She even wants to play with our horse but he doesn't understand her crazy jumps and butt in the air :-)

Happy Gigi

Mother Gigi just arrived at the killing station when we were there, a dirty closed cardboard box. It was put into a corner, not knowing what was inside, we looked and discovered this little mother who looked at us with fearful eyes..................

Fabrice on holiday

Fabrice is doing fine! Still a sweetheart of a dog who loves to sit on your lap, is very quiet in the house but loves to race around in the park. He obeys very well, gets along great with the cat, he gets along great with everyone, he isn't scared like he was before, we can take him everywhere........Really a dream!

Baba van vele jaren geleden

Our Baba many years ago still very happy, thanks to all owners who give dogs a 'REAL'  second chance ....

Lucky tells his story...

Do you remember me? I have lived with you in Spain for 2,5 years. Now I have been living for 9 months with my boss Rob and his wife Paula. I am doing very well and am very happy. Rob and Paula make sure that there is always someone at home during the day. And when that is not possible, I sleep nicely in my basket. Sometimes I lie on the pillow on the sofa. When Rob finds out he is angry with me. I know it is not allowed but it is very nice to lie on.......

Handsome Guusje

I often think of you, you are doing such good work for all dogs and cats in Spain. You will have a hard time with this heat, respect for you and all your helpers.

Cuddle super happy

The collecting (last Monday) of Cuddle went without problems. A bit late, but fine. I was back home at 3 o’clock in the morning. Cuddle has adapted completely to his new home only with the other 2 cats things are a bit rough. Everything in time and this will become fine. Cuddle is a real teddy bear but also naughty. I will have a lot of fun with him and I will keep you informed.

Daisy now Speedy

We would like to inform you how Daisy, now called Speedy, is doing. She has been living with us since May 23rd, so a bit longer than a month now.

Update betty

Betty is one of the four sisters from the nest with Sue, Peggy and Daisy. We collected her at Schiphol on January 30th, she has been with us for 5 months now.

Lucky cat Garu...

Via this road I would like to let you know that cat Garu has find his golden basket in Belgium.

Devlin goes everywhere and always...

Devlin goes everywhere and always......  So good to see……….

Dunya and Ticia

Dunya en Ticia together in Austria...  So sweet...

Our Kareley...

Hello, another short message from Karely, 6 years in my golden basket on July 2nd.

Manolito, so happy

Here are some of the last pictures of Manolito ...

Ayla, before Carla

Here are some photo’s of Carla (now Ayla).

Update Dexter

In general Dexter is doing fine. He is doing a bit better on the street. Here you see him during a weekend in the Ardennen. I think he never saw a cow before ?

Lowieke, before Safari

Lowieke came to live with us on October 28th, an exciting moment, waiting at the airport for the new family member.

Minley home in Denmark

A little news about a lovely darling dog -our Minley, who waited so long for her for ever home, but never lost courage - a brave girl. Well now it has happened - Minley is home, where she belongs, with Charlotte, Maria and Bosnian rescue sister Anabel - and Minley moved right in - a little bit bossy at first towards Anbel, but after a few days she calmed dowm and understood that this great place is for keeps - and Anabel is not a competitor, but a cohabitor, a sister, best friend, playmate. This is not a shelter with soo many other dogs, but a home - our home Minleys and Anabels has to share..

Gotita and graciela

Gotita and Graciela together for the rest of their lives........

Bombita now Jazzy

Last year, around this time, we have taken Bombita into our family, via ACE.

story of Kai

Kai (Ben8810)

Popy Jopie has found the sofa...


Placido domingo, now Jef

I would like to give you a small update about our sweet (blind) Jef (your Placido Domingo).

Labbeke en Babbeke

Left Guus (Labbeke) and right Thayza (Babbeke)

Magda and Damaso

Damaso and Magda, finally home,.......

Tino and Billie back in Spain

Tino and Billie, before Cokine and Xavienna

Beau is doing fine

Beau is doing fine.

This is how we would like to see them all...

This is always wonderful to see, these dogs have all been saved from death, saved from the killing stations or from the street,.........

hooray kyra 8 years

We wanted to let you know that our Kyra has become 8 years old today.

Bimperke and Aika

Our Blimperke who is called Sky now, came to live with us on February 7th and has been doing well since day one! He is a wonderful house dog, is devoted and sweet, he is very inquisitive and enthusiastic! We are enjoying him every day.

Zaira in AUSTRIA

Zaira is home and very happy in Austria. She sends her love and kisses to everyone at the Refugio.

Saioa after many years, no longer a stray dog...

After many years, no longer a stray dog..........

Liseli, before blimpie

Liseli (before Blimpie) has been living with us in Belgium for a few months now. She was thrown from a driving car in a cardboard box and has been looked after well in your shelter in Spain. She is now a wonderful dog without a complex but her coordination is not like it should be and she doesn’t see as well as other dogs. But that doesn’t bother her at all:

Sol, before Brandy

Our Sol (before Brandy) has been with us since the Autumn holidays. She was very fearful and unsure but also very sweet.


He is here with us in the sunshine, doggy-friends came along and everything was OK.

Our Stevie is soooo happy .... Stef (Stevie Wonder)

I can’t help myself, have to show you,...........Just look at our Stef,.........Soooo happy and sooooo forgotten in Spain a long time ago,……..Just look!!!

Ampa, now Amber

The history of Ampa/Amber from January 15th, 2015.

Quita is wonderful

A short update about Quita. She is a wonderful dog and until now she only destroyed a newspaper and a magazine, that is allowed when you are an adolescent. She hasn’t been inside the bench yet, no need for that. She is fine on her own (until now she has been alone for not more than an hour).

Rataplan, before Bale

Hereby some information about Rataplan.

Daisy in Belgium

Hey As you see She living THE life of a princess now!!


Lilico, one of Isabelleke's children, has made ...

Lupita and Tygo

Lupita (Marie) and Tygo (Ivo)

Spekske in Austria

Spekske with her new mummy in Austria.

Our little Spanish Goddess Leonie

"Leonie or Ninieke "(Vina)

Elena has become a big beautiful girl

Yes, time flies, Helena is doing great!

Floris aka Coco

We are so pround and happy with Floris.

Quin aka Pekie

Finally I succeeded in sending you some photo’s of our Quin.


On January 24th, I collected Miko at Zaventem. On the way home he crept into my arms and it was immediately clear that we belong together. He is really a dream dog, sweet, good and enthusiastic.


Veva home in Norway


Limona (now Milly) happy with her new mom and dad...

Paulo home

We are very happy with our sweetheart Paulo!!! Thanks!!

Happy Harry

Our Harry, together with other dogs, he was saved from the killing station. At first he was very upset and didn’t want to go on. He was sad and uncertain, afraid and locked inside himself,……..


A bit late but as promised some photos of Cenicienta, we have called her now Odet. Really a nice lovely animal! She is doing super well and I'm going with her to the dog school.

eidam found his home

On February 8th, the day finally came: Eidam (now Cooper) arrived at Schiphol!

trixie aka Petitfour

Hereby some recent photo’s of Trixie on the field in Sint Truiden.

Lucky dog Boton

Boton, who we welcomed into our family and since that time he is called Xinix.


Tupolev was most welcome.

Bluesette home

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Bluesette, she is doing great!!!

Update Coa

Just an update to show how much your work is being appreciated :-)

Chocolat aka Bola

Here is some news about Chocolat ( before Bola)....

Bakun home

Monday, October 27th, last year we have collected our Bakun. He arrived in a large bench at 23.30.

Salsa, now Fay

My first year in my ‘Golden Basket’, well forget about the basket, I prefer the bed of my bosses!

Avalon, now Chica

Here are some photo’s of Chica, the arrival and the crate in which Chica has made the trip. And then 2 days later, after a bath and a bit of pampering.

Tahip, now Wakan

We send you some photo’s of our sweet dog Wakan (Tahip).


After a week, Wesley, who is now called Chico, belongs completely to our family.

Pico aka Fico

Have a look at some photo’s of our Pico.


Hi, my name is Dallas, in Spain my name was Dao but my new bosses liked Dallas better. I would like to tell you about my new home and bosses.

Lima and Fausto

We are Lima (Aurora) and Fausto, before the happy season Fausto ( the brown-white one) has told his story and I did this one year ago. Fausto had promised to tell you about the Christmas period but he is lazing on the sofa so I will do the job.

Stef and Tyma

Stevie Wonder (now Stef) and Tilma (now Tyma)

Thor aka Hein

Thor is now 2 years and 3 months old and he is still our sweet, beautiful dog! During the summer holidays he went with us to Spain, he has been super good during the trip of 1300 km: in the beginning his head went up when we stopped at the peage but after some time he didn’t bother…..

Riva, Before Belladonna

Hello, my name is Belladonna and I would like to tell you about my golden basket.

Ed, before Nikkel

Ed has been with us for almost a year now - and he brings love and laughter into our life every single day.

Antonella now Nellie

We are George and Antoinette from Hoofddorp and at the end of September we have received Nellie from you. She arrived with another 4 dogs, that was a great experience.

Lucky dog Puff

Puff couldn’t go on…

Brownie is doing great

Brownie is doing great. He has now 2 good, new friends, Smeagol and Dobbie, both are Border Collies.

Bas, before Baltazar

Hereby some news about Bas, we are very happy have him and we can’t understand how this sweet, beautiful dog could end twice in a death cell.

Arthur, before Thor

In the middle of March he came into our lives and from the first moment there was that click!

Declan arrived well

Declan is doing super! He is now sleeping nicely on my feet.

Buddy in his golden basket

August 26th, we collected Buddy from Schiphol. He was so afraid of all the new impressions. He peed in the car and then fell asleep on my lap. When we arrived home he was so happy and cheerful.

Ramoneke, now Ace

This past year has been so great having him, he is such a character and gets on really well with Elsa & Lucy's dogs.

Quecera is now Serra

She is doing very well. She is still easily scared but it is going a bit better.

Trienke is now Tinka

Trienke is now called Tinka.

Laura is now called Summer

Laura is now called Summer!! She is a winning lottery ticket! Everyone is very happy to have her.

Baron is a top dog

Some time ago my daughter asked me if I was willing to adopt her dog.

Chelsea, a lucky one in England

Chelsea (Moussa) has settled in well.

Bartje, the sweet little dog from Spain

Since about 3 months we have adopted Bartje. When he arrived at Schiphol he was a skinny dog but quite cheerful. He has now nicely gained weight. He is happy and enthusiastic and naughty. We have taken him to a puppy course and he happily takes part. He is easily distracted but also learning.

Bobby, before Aron

Bobby is doing very well. In the beginning he was very scared and difficult or not approachable. He didn’t trust me. In the following weeks we left him alone and didn’t approach him too much. It went a bit better and he even dared to walk around a bit. Afterwards he had an enormous relapse.

Tivo with his new family

Tivo, the little grey poodle, with his new family who love him very much and think he is a darling little dog.

Lucky dog Inga

Inga, soft spoken sweetheart.

Triteko super

Hello, here are some pictures of Triteko, he is doing great.

Brother and sister reunion

Here is a picture of the encounter between Perlita (now Billie) and Peque (now Lenny).

Alice in wonderland and Peter Pan

Everything ok with our boxers: life in the house!

Lucky dog Fausto

My name is Fausto and I am living in Belgium since October 11th. When I was 3 months old I was found in the harbor of Algeciras by the people of SHIN. I was taken care of lovingly by the people of the shelter in Algeciras. After some time, 2 ladies came to visit. They took me and Garcia for a walk.

Solito now Marcel

Here are some photographs of Solito now called MARCEL! He already feels at home here and he is a lovely fine dog.

Bosco, now Jones

Good news about Jones. He is now part of our family, we have gone through a lot with him but with time and patience he has now become an obedient boy with a lot to offer.

Greetings from Bellota

One month ago my husband and I have adopted a dog called Bellota from Algeciras.

Tita, before Tecla

It has been one and a half years since the happy arrival of Tita. Time for an evaluation.

Kyo a.k.a. Lia

Hereby an update about Kyo (Lia): she is a real energetic dog!

Walle, new playmate of Frodo...

It went fast tonight. Walle has stayed with us and a lot of happy faces here.

Penelope, fond of children...

Some news from Penelope:

Still together...

Damien, Loewis and Vince (before Damian, Dominic and Dylan)

Namira aka Loesy

At the end of March we have adopted Namira and I want to let you know that we are very happy that we have found your organization.

Milou aka Ami

On April 13th, we greeted Milou in Eindhoven ( In Spain her name was Ami). She was very quiet and sweet, the first night in the bench was not a problem for her, she felt fine. The first 2 months she had some problems with her digestion and we visited the vet a few times. She was never sick and always wanted to play games and slowly it was going better.

Placido Domingo now Jef

Tomorrow, our sweet Jef has been living with us for 2 weeks and I would like to give you a small update.

Ikie now Ukkie

Hereby the first pictures of Ikie (now Ukkie) with loot and bodyguards Tarta (now Laika) and Dixie (Asylum dog Sint-Truiden) I will send soon some more info about her adjustments here

Axel Nort has found his place

Axel Nort has found his place within our family, he is cheerful and naughty, a bit of a clown.

Penelope in Belgium

The big day has arrived and Penelope as well...



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