Zuma, the forgotten cat of Algeciras...

Zuma, the forgotten cat of Algeciras...

January 21, 2019 19:56

Zuma, a tortue colored, sweet and quiet cat, has been in the shelter in Algeciras for years... Forgotten in a corner, she sits and waits until someone will choose her and make her happy... a cat with a special coat, called Tortue, very different and special... Is it because of that that she didn't find a home yet?
She came in in 2012, so she has been in this cage for 7 years, where so many other cats came in and meanwhile have found their happiness.. But our Zuma stayed behind... She looked at all of them, lived with all of them... but she is still there... Z
Zuma has a gentle and quiet character and can live together with other cats and dogs... she was once a house cat, but she was quickly dumped.. after that she lived in this cage for 7 years... which is still around her... day in and day out... 
We are hoping that someone will give her a chance, a chance to become happy... she would be so grateful, the big cuddle that she is..



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