Yvanovich was saved by his ex-owner,...

Yvanovich was saved by his ex-owner,...

February 8, 2020 10:03

A beautiful Sheperd puppy was bought by a Maroccan family back then, because they were looking for a tough guard dog. The first few months he was well taken care of and was raised well, but too strict for this specific puppy. He became scared of his owner and the owner started to be more hostile to hom. When he was out of the home, the children and the wife took care of him. They loved Yvanovich and he loved them. Their friendship was beautiful and sincere. 
On a day, they came home while the father was just busy finishing up the last agreements for the sale of Yvanovich. He sold him to another man who would further raise him to a guard dog and he was going to pick him up in the next weeks. The children and the wife were really upset. When the man was away again for several days, the woman decided to bring Yvanovich to a horel, to save him from a sad life. The man was very angry but because the whole family agreed on this solution to give their friend a better life, he couldn't do much.. That is how he came to us in the end. 
We are now wishing for a nice family for Yvanovich who can give him a good and warm home, who will love him and make him happy. Definately not as a guard dog, but he likes to work and would love to do some activities with owner, but in harmony and with respect both to each other. Spending their days with long walks and after nicely relaxing on the couch. 



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