Yoda,...from shelter to shelter

Yoda,...from shelter to shelter

March 19, 2020 14:48

Yoda was found in a little village in the mountains, she walked around, without a goal, unknowing where to go. She was rescued and went along with the people, but they could not keep her. They went to a local shelter, but no, they were full, they went to the next one, also full. And then they came to us, told us the whole story and showed us the blood test they had done already, and the papers of all the place they had been to.

If she had been a beautiful little fluffy dog they would have never gotten as far as to us, but Podenco's, people will pass on them and especially if they also have Leishmaniosis, many of them end up in killing stations, thousands a year. 

Yoda is a lovely and attractive lady, she is still a bit shy and looks at things from a distance, but she is a good dog. She is social with other dogs and thankful like no other, an elegant lady who is entitled to happiness and much more than that...



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