Yes, it is possible! Thera was impossible to touch... but got a chance...

Yes, it is possible! Thera was impossible to touch... but got a chance...

March 6, 2019 15:38

There was a scared, but a really scared dog from Algeciras... It was difficult and it didn't change for the better... When somebody was interested to adopt her, we got scared... We are so nervous these days to send a scared dog for adoption.. Do the people really know what they are up for? Will it be ok? Are we doing the right thing?
But Charlene convinced us and we went for it.. And look now, she made it!!! What a little miracle... We would like to give them all this chance.... 

This was Thera with us: 
She is still very shy and hold back with people, despite our many tries to help her gain some trust.. She doesn't let anybody touch her... and definitely not by strangers, she walks away when it gets too much for her of when she thinks a situation is scary... Thera is a dog that still needs a lot of work and she has a long road ahead of her...

This is Thera today:

I wanted to let you know that Thirza (Thera) is doing very well. She is now ith us for 5 weeks and she already started to open up and learn a lot. She is housetrained meanwhile, it her a while but she is fine now. She is very energetic and and is a sweet dog. We have been to many places where it is allowed to walk with dogs, and we even went to the beach. 
We still have some challenges, 1 of them is her separation anxiety. At night she is allright, when she sleeps downstairs with my other dog Chico, but at day time she gets nervous when I leave a room or when I leave the house. She we are working on that now with her. It will take time but I have trust in it that she will be allright. 
She is so happy and a true sweetheart, hereby some pictures so you can see how she is doing here. I am very happy with her!
greetings, Charlene



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