Volunteers, we miss you!

Volunteers, we miss you!

March 29, 2020 11:01

While we are trying to survive here, we are doing what we can, we are with a small group. We respect the rules, keeping distance with some many dogs is no problem.. we are busy with it.. 
Our thoughts go out to all of you, our volunteers who are always body for us, think with us and care for our dogs and cats and everything that comes along with it. We miss you all... Whether you come and visit often, whether you are flight volunteer, a home visitor, a foster mama, advertiser, or anything else, everyone of you counts, and even though we cannot work together now, we want to let you know that we think about you and we are hoping that everyonme stays safe and healthy.. Only then we can make a difference for our animals... 
Life continues here, the silence breaks the power to keep fighting, everyhing seems endless, but we will get through this.. All of a sudden we are forced to stand still and rethink about everything that was normal before.. 
The many animals here also have a hard time still, but the waiting is so much longer now and they really want to go home... Thanks to you this was always possible.. 
A thankful paw from all of our animals to our volunteers, to all of you who care for us, and thank you for all the support that we have received.. Being there for each other in times like these is truly beautiful... 
Have a nice weekend, together we stand strong.. 



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