Valle, another human brutality of another level!

October 13, 2018 11:13

A little, fine, but very injured Podenco, far away from what she was once... Her beard is getting grey but her soul has lost its color a long time ago... Locked in a cage, somewhere in the far away fields, hidden for people and other animals by her hunter... She obviously has been tied to a chain, all of her life... The chain grew in through the years of misery... What a pain she must have had, this poor thing... slowly the heavy chain grew into her body... The pain and the cries in the nights... a cry for help... it must have been horrible... After all this, she was dumped like a piece of garbage by her hunter, with the ingrown chain and all... dumped in the killing station to be euthanized... No words.... what kind of human could do such a thing? And then to be able to just keep going as usual, like he dumped a garbage bag in the container... 
We were asked to rescue her and so we did... But despite the emergency operation on her neck, we also found out that she has a tumor... The tumor also was removed... It is rare to see such apathy.. but Valle is changing by the day.. She is so open and thankful.. A scared dog that should get a lot of love and attention.. She doesn't know what this is.. because she knows nothing except pain... and she never knew anything else in those long and empty years... 



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