Two poodles brought in, inseperable

Two poodles brought in, inseperable

February 23, 2018 00:07

The came into a killing station after their owner got ill, two sisters, they are inseperable... a life long together, went everywhere, everybody knew them whereever they went with their owner. Even now they will go with you, like they are used to it for years already...
They sat apathetically against each other in that cold sad cage.. they had no idea what was happening to them... when we took them, their bodies were moving from happiness, relief and thankfulness. In the car they sat on or lap and you could see that they started to relax again... Now they are with us, in a cage together, but they don't belong here... they are fragile princesses, quiet and sweet dogs... we would love for them to find a home where they can stay together, they are truely inseperable... If one of them has to go to the vet, they other will be in total panic, so sad to see. 
It is obvious they belong together, Moetsjie and Poetsjie are their names... They are really hoping to find a real , true warm basket...



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