Two malthesers for the killing station

Two malthesers for the killing station

They were all over social media, 2 dogs of 6 and 10 years old.. they were once white pearls and the love and pride of their family.
But as it often goes, they became too much and they were banned to a tiny terrace with a cage... both dogs saw their lifes passing by.. doggies that should be on someone's lap, cozy by the fire place, or at the feet of their owners...
Today was the day that they had to go.. or... or...  always that horrible threat that is often used here in Spain... the killing station. 
Luckily these little guys did not end up there.. they are so friendly, affectionate and don't really understand what is happening. 
Full of fleas, ticks and their coats were in a terrible state. It was from several years...
They are small and easy dogs who can be really happy somewhere and can give a lot of friendship because they are very sweet, social and sympathetic. 

We have called them Chipolata and Chipolino... their new lifes can star



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