Two dumped puppies

Two dumped puppies

March 28, 2020 08:49

Just before the Lockdown Dirk received a phone call from a German couple who were on their way back from Ronda.. They had stopped for a short break and heard noises from the garbage cans... Two black little balls with the umbillical cords still on them, were fighting to get some air from with the plastic bag that they were in... The people didn't know what to do and ended up with Dirk.. And Dirk... he didn't know what to do at that point. We were still on our way from the volunteer days so he called up Kelly... He couldn't find words anymore, but he showed up with the 2 bottle puppies...
Two black pearls, who are ok today.. Everybody cares about them, and everybody is in love with these pretty doggies... We have no idea what they will be, so we wait putting them up for adoption. But our priority now is keeping them alive.  
Bongo and Bailey, they are just gorgeous, love to cuddle with, Let's hope they will make it, we will do everything what we can for them. 



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