The tragedy of Junior

The tragedy of Junior

Around four years ago, Junior was left behind in a cardboard box, in front of a killing station... with fear in his eyes, together with his brothers and sisters, he looked at the man with the stonecold look on his face. The man who brought them in, into the horror of the killing station. 

Luckily, almost all of them survived, and were adopted. Junior was adopted by a Swiss family who were working in Spain and living closeby. The couple were unfortunately not what Junior had been hoping for....They were constantly fighting and the woman even was abused. Soon, also Junior was abused and severely hitted by the man. Junior was always seeking for comfort and safety at the woman... but one day she was gone. She fled to her home country and left Junior at the neighbours. Junior couldn't stay there and were called for help. 
Junior will be up for adoption once again, but he needs some peace ad quiet time... to become a dog again that is not being chased, not taken from here to there and defintely not beaten again.
Junior needs an owner that understands he needs some time... he is a friendly and affectionate dog that is looking for friendship and stability, just a good and understanding owner or family that can give him a long and happy life, the way it is supposed to be. 



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