The story of Rocky, he had to fight for his life for 4 months...

The story of Rocky, he had to fight for his life for 4 months...

December 19, 2018 16:20
Rocky was one of many dogs of a sheep sheperd, who unfortunately was known for severely neglecting his dogs. The most horrible cases that we get in, come from there.. How many have we saved and nobody who can do a thing about it, even though we have filed a complaint for animal abuse. 
Rocky was barely 4 months old and all that time he was on a chain, just a puppy... A puppy that looked at other dogs, longing to play with them, longing to be a puppy, longing for freedom... One of our volunteers came by daily, until she could no longer handle it... The doggy became skinnier and skinnier, was covered with open wounds and his eyes looked so sad... His body covered in fleas and ticks and so immense dirty... He could barely stand on his feet... he was just starting to lose the life there on that chain.. When we asked the sheperd if we could take the dog to a clinic, he answered, laconic, it is a puppy, to complicated, just take it! We took him to the vet and the result was:
- anemia as a result of neglect
- extremely skinny
- poisoned after receiving a anti tick product, not suitable for dogs
- positive for Ehrlichia
- as a result of the many ticks: necrosis of the tail; so bad that a piece had to amputated
- skin infections caused by the many fleas and ticks

4 heavy months followed, floating between life and death, falling and standing up again, daily baths, cremes, antibiotics, desinfections, fight against anemia and so many things more... an emergency ampuation of the tail... slowly he starts to eat again, bit by bit, healing paw by paw of all the wounds, recovering from the Ehrlichia, it was actually too much for a such a little body.. But he got better. He fought for his life and so did we. Caring for him day and night to give this life a chance.. Rocky a nobody out of no-mansland, But he wanted to live and he will now lick your hand when you talk to him... Today Rocky is 8 months... The day has come that everybody gets to see him.. he made it.. He is a healthy puppy now who can be funny and play, and he loves to cuddle.. that is his favorite activity, a thankful and lovely sweet little bear.. yet he will still crawl to the floor sometimes when you move your hand a bit too sudden, that is something from his past... But it will probably go away slowly once he has a responsible owner.. Rocky was so lucky, he had to ho through so much.. What we want to give him now is loving life... 



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