The story of Olmo, his owners, moved to Saudi Arabia.

The story of Olmo, his owners, moved to Saudi Arabia.

February 12, 2020 10:33

He was bought as a puppy, purebred born for a beautiful life, but that was not the case... It was on a blue Monday when his owner contact us if we could take their Perro because they were moving to Saudi Arabia and of course they were not taking him... Because we are full at the moment, we always ask if they can stay with them a little longer until we have found a solution, and therefore they don't have to go through the trauma of a shelter. But the lady just started to laugh at us and said: we are leaving on this Friday. and then she let us know that she was going to bring him to the killing station... 

That's how easy it is according to some owner, who is not even worth the name owner... They couldn't bring Olmo either, to little time... But they sent him with the mail, with MRW, the package service... So they brought him this morning at our door... A scared and lost soul, who was upset, looked quiet and scared around... He drooled out of stress and was so afraid... 

We took Olmo under our wings, as good as we could.. with some kind words and a cuddle on his sweet head... But how would you feel after you had a home for eight years, you had a chair to sleep in, a garden to run in, had your food daily and then to be sent as a package in a cage, arriving in a busy shelter with hundreds of others and a cage to sleep in tonight? How would you feel?

Today is Monday, and his owners are already in Saudi Arabia.. the next couple.. Their precious was dumped here, and his world has collapsed.. Let's hope that Olmo may find a home soon... He is used to living in a home, a lovely dog who shouldn't; have to go through this, if only people had some more real love for him... 



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