The story of Gustje, the Maneto......

The story of Gustje, the Maneto......

Gustje was born in a sad place where hunters keep their dogs……Between many Podenco’s in an overcrowded shed lived Gustje with his mama and the rest of the family…..

The hunter was a harsh and cruel man who, like so many hunters, had no respect for his dogs….

When Gustje was born, he was a funny looking dog with his Charlie Chaplin paws….He had a sunny character and was cheerful and playful…The hunter took the little puppy home and his children were crazy about their play puppy…..

He was lucky to be growing up amongst the children and around the home of the hunter but he often heard the heartbreaking crying of the dogs, his family, who had to live their lives in pitiful circumstances….

After two years nobody was looking after Gustje, the toy was used up….

The hunter took him to the killing station because he had never learnt to hunt and wasn’t useful….

Gustje only wants to cuddle and play with his ball……



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