The story of Driesje and his big grief...

The story of Driesje and his big grief...

On a sunday morning, Driesje was found behind our gate. He sat on the top of the stairs and was shivering... He was obviously well taken care of, so there must be an owner somwhere. He was so afraid and insecure, you could feel that he had to come from a life in a home. And indeed... after a few days, a family with children stood at our gate: Have you seen 'this dog'? Yes we did, we brought Driesje to them. He jumped up, all happy, there was no mistake to be made, this was his family!
When we thought they were asking to take Driesje with them, they suddenly asked to come back 'tomorrow' and pick him up then... Yes but, and there they went... Driesje could not believe it, they left again. Hey, hey, take me with you.. but they didn't. 
Driesjes world collapsed for the second time, but we thought, they will be back tomorrow... we waited and waited, but the days went by and his family never looked back at him again. 
Driesje did not eat at all for 3 days and after that a little, he just let's go, doesn't understand what is happening... 

Since recently he stays at our office and he feels a bit better there... but this doggy, small, beautifull and so loyal, still cannot understand what he did wrong, why he was left behind... It is incomprehensable..



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