The story of Bro... no extra hotel charges...

The story of Bro... no extra hotel charges...

Bro was the dog of a Spanish family, when they got tired of him, we received a message... if we didn't find a home for him within 24 hours, he was going to get euthanized. 
Just like that, for your information, and they were not afraid to put this on internet.. the worst part of it was that they were serious!
The people who went to pick him up were all upset from this experience... they had never met such coldhearted indifferent people...
Bro left in a very sad way from his 'beloved' family, because he would never leave them. 
The reason that he had dumped him was they wanted to go on a holiday and had no intentions of paying for the hotel costs fro him. 
Bro is upset, he is used to a life in a home, a family, a garden and is now in a cage... it is hard for him. 

The poor thing has a diffcult time, he was never used being between so many other dogs... his whole life is upside down..



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