The sad story of Moose, the dog of a goat farmer...

The sad story of Moose, the dog of a goat farmer...

March 18, 2019 18:57
We are used to hearing strange and horrible life stories... but when it happens right in front of you, it even becomes more real... An English lady called us about a dog who had been stuck for 3 days in the middle of the mountains and couldn't get away... He was tied up by a goat farmer to die there... that is how they do that and it is normal here.. Without food, without water... The dog cried and cried, cried even more but wasn't heard... It was a pure coincidence that this English family walked by and thought it was strange that the dog was there, tied up, in the middel of nowhere.. On top of that, the goat farmer also passed by and ans screamed at the people that they should mind their own business and not interfere with his dogs.. 

The next days they visited him again and he lied there, not moving... Then we went to free the poor thing... Step by step through the bushes... he was alive still but he couldn't keep up anymore... he was rushed into an emergency clinic, he was totally dehydrated and emaciated ... slowly he came back and he drank for a full 5 minutes without stopping... His whole body was so weak that he couldn't stand on his own feet anymore.. 

The English family came to us and ask not to inform the goat farmer that they alarmed is, because they are afraid for the man, as he poisoned dogs and cats before... They were terrified that he would do something to their animals... Can you imagine that?

Moose, that is his name now, is another one extra in our shelter... but we will make sure that this special darling will find a warm basket.... He is now safe and is slowly getting back to being himself... He eats and drinks like no other.. He is social with other dogs and he is just a good dog!



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