The sad story of Cronos, Mini the mini

The sad story of Cronos, Mini the mini

January 24, 2019 18:48

Cronos, a mini Pinscher, is an incredible friendly and good guy... Small and tiny, mini and just dumped like that in this world... He was born in a village somewhere, where he was one of the puppies out of a litter that just came into this world, just like that because it is cute...  Que Bonito... que lindo.. Ahhh Siiii.... 
Barely a month old and they were given away to everybody who even wanted one, who or what was not important, they were gifts.. Cronos was the gift for a lady with a heavy depression, he should get her better... Luckily the lady realized that this was not a solution and brought the little thing to us. She realized that now was not the time to bring a little dog like Cronos in her home and handed him to us... 
This little thing deserves so much better.. he is so tiny... he must find somebody who knows and realized how our little guy is and what he needs.. 



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