Sorro survived at a gaz station

Sorro survived at a gaz station

Sorro is a funny guy.... he has a sense of humor and wants to be happy. He can be so cheerful over something small. He was noticed at a gaz station where he was waiting for weeks and kept hoping that his owner would come back to pick him up.

Bystanders told us that a car with kids had left him behind, maybe they were going on a holiday?
At least he is good with children, playful with a ball, social with other dogs and cuddly to everybody.
At first, Sorro is afraid of men but with love and patience it goes away. Sorro loves water... when the sun is warming him up, he lays himself in the small drinking bowl where he barely fits in.

Everybody loves this funny doggy who knows how to take care of himself, despite the fact he so much wants a warm safe home.. Sorro is small, brave and cool little fellow! When you see him, he looks just like a little fox...



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