Sonny, looking for a new home

Sonny, looking for a new home

March 14, 2020 10:42

An older man loved his Sonny so much. He bought him as a puppy, gave him the right and loving upbringing, he shined like the best-taken care of dog... He loved his Sonny, and Sonny loved him. But his owner got older, and lesser walks and exercise. How much he loved Sonny, he didn't want Sonny to not have the best life because of his age.. He asked for help at the dog hotel where he brought him several times, and that is where we came into the picture...We will help find an active owner for this beautiful Boxer... The happiness of Sonny is important for the older man, how painful it is, but he wants to see him happy. 

Sonny is a dream dog, but he needs daily exercise and plays, be with you and come with you... He needs to learn how to be alone because his owner was always with him, but he is friendly., with all other dogs and with people.. He is a boxer, a real funny Boxer, with a heart of gold... Who can make this sweetheart happy?



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