Severina, saved just in time!

Severina, saved just in time!

October 7, 2018 13:31

We received an urgent call for help, to rescue a Rottweiler of the street.. It went all over social media, but we found out quite late... We were just in time.. The lady that notified me, called me in tears that the killing station was on its way over there and if I could please save her? Of course we did.. Just in time, when we arrived, also the car of death (as they call it here) arrived... We were treated by some nasty looking faces and a couple of not so nice words, but I don't care... The dog was coming with us.. Severina is her ner name, chosen by our Diane..  Severina is a big sweetheart! A great character with an xxl cuddle gene!
A true darling, thankful and social with big and small, who would love to lay in a chair with a cookie.... playful and happy, lucky to be rescued and not having to wander the streets anymore... Our handsome lady deserves a loving warm home, with sweet people, this heart of gold!



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