March 16, 2020 20:52

Santi, a Breton, walked in the middle of the highway, looking scared.. When the vet stopped with her car, he looked at her and spontaneously jumped in her vehicle, layed down on the chair en fell deep asleep. He knew it was over, and he no longer had to be afraid, it was over... The vet takes him into foster until we have found his lucky ticket for a home, a ticket to happiness, being spoiled, and lots of very soft dog owner that loves him. 

We think that Santi was dumped by a hunter because he is scared of loud bangs and noises. He must have been useless for the hunt and therefore being dumped on the street. He was probably wondering for quite some time because he is extremely skinny and was incredibly hungry...

Santi is a very thankful dog, doesn't break anything in the house, is very social with other dogs and already walks well on the leash, and he loves the forests! Driving in the car is no problem; he is really smart and is a quick learner. He is a sweetie, a sensitive soul, a little cutie. Definitely a good dog... where will his warm basket be?



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