Rumi lived in a gipsy camp...

Rumi lived in a gipsy camp...

February 21, 2018 13:06

Rumi is a bodeguero of 6 years old. He had lived in a gipsy camp of Romanians who let him walk in the stables or tied him to a nylon cord. Nobody cared about him... his ears and tail were brutally cut off, his existance was sad en he was unwanted.
Day and night he just hung on that nylon cord without any protection. Rumi however freed himself and seeked company of the horses in the stables.
A temporary employee noticed that Rumi wasn't feeling very well and felt so bad for this little bodeguero that he brought him, malnourished and miserable, to the killing station. After the man found out that Rumi was going to be euthanized in 10 days, he paid to get him out again and give him a temporary shelter.
But his existance was still unsure and so Rumi came to us.... he has a sweet character, quiet and awaiting. He is not used being looked at and looked after, he wants to live his life quietly, doesn't look for complications and tries to be willing and sweet for the people.  As long as he has a bowl of food and gets some love, he already is happy... he is obedient, afraid to do something wrong because he is still fearful. Slowly he will get to know another kind of human being and we will he able to come home somewhere quiet, for the rest of his life.



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