Romana’s collar grew into her skin....And her sister Ramona.....

Romana’s collar grew into her skin....And her sister Ramona.....

Romana and Ramona were saved from a typical Podencoshed, which you would never enter as a human and when you are an animal it is a miracle when you survive in here…….

The dirt, the neglect, the look in their eyes tell you everything, it tells you more than a thousand words…..

Beside all this Romana suffered from an extra bad neglect. When she was a puppy a nylon cord was tied around her neck, the cord was never removed during the time she was growing and so the skin grew through the cord with all the consequences. You can see how badly her neck was maimed by the cord……Never did she receive any help, nobody did anything about it….

The pain and the tension, the inflammation and the pus, her body had to endure so much pain…..

These puppies are only 6 months old…They weigh about 6 kg, they are really small puppies….

Their scared looks and their distrusting attitude show what people mean to them until now…..

With us they are now being extra spoilt and cuddled. Romana’s wound is now slowly healing….

We will try everything to make them forget where they came from and we want them to become crazy best friends with those who will take them into their heart, for the rest of their lives.



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