Quasimodo, Victor Rally, Gargola and Lavarne in a house of terror

Quasimodo, Victor Rally, Gargola and Lavarne in a house of terror

These 4 dogs were saved from a house of teror, where they had been locked up for a long time. Not a person can imagine what these had to go through, day in, day out... They were 'saved' by a group of young people, when they found a dog on the street or when somebody called who didn't want to keep his dog anymore, one of them collected the dog and put the poor thing in an abandoned house. 
When they had time, they brought food every once in a while, but other than that they didn't look after the dogs, because of a so called lack of time, because of ignorance or maybe stupidity. 
None of the dogs ever saw a vet, everything was going to be allright.... and that is how these 4 dogs came into an even worse situation, worse that it had ever been before. 
Contact with humans and care were minimal, there was no hygiene at all... when the dogs were saved, they were terrified of fear.. an older podenco was in the worst situation, his leg was seriously injured. The cross bodeguero, called Victor Rally, probably was hit by a car, also suffered from a serious injury that never healed properly. Because the lack of care and this bad healing he is now limping... Such pain that they must have been through... 
They all have scabies, because of the dirt and being neglected. They of course all had a thousand flees and ticks ... it actually is a miracle that they have survived. 
These four dogs were saved by people who thought that their way was possible too... without anybody knowing about the situation, these dogs were just rotten away, not a person asking for them. 
It is simply not enough to just leave them somewhere, it is a big challenge if you want to save an animal, it just doesn't go like that. They are living creatures, who need care and love, attention and people who know what they are doing, it costs a lot of money and time. Without the right resources or responsability you will put the dogs into more misery. They are once more the victims of ignorant people. 
We now work intensively with these dogs, they are in quarantine and are being very well taken care of. 

It is another sad experience, just another day here.....



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