Pumba,...after 9 years he had to go

Pumba,...after 9 years he had to go

January 19, 2020 10:25

Pumba, a French Bull of 9 years old, had been their dog since so many years... But for some reason, with so many apologies, he had to go... We already don't listen anymore to the many excuses we hear when people dump their loyal friend... but his world collapsed yesterday... He did not eat, did not sleep.. he just kept looking at the door whether his owner would come back or not... His sweet loyal eyes looked sad en desperate... afraid and not understanding... the loud noise from the many other dogs made him even sadder...
He was their dog for 9 years... today a problem... dumped in a killing station and now it is up to us... But we will take good care of him of course... We understand him, we will look for that one human heart that will cherish him and give him what he deserves.. An unconditional home... where he gets to come to forever...



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