February 12, 2020 10:38

When she was bought as a little 'Princesa' in a local pet shop, she was a beautiful fluffy puppy... The classic story here, after six months she was dumped in a nearby shelter because the children were bored of her and mama did not want any hairs in the house, even though she hardly looses any as she is a Perro de Agua... But that was the problem, she was sold as a Perro de Agua, but when she grew, it became clear that she was not purebred enough... 

She was adopted quickly, but after a while, these people found out that a dog in a tiny apartment did not fit in with their furniture and then she came to us... Unbelievable but true... The sweetie is scared, insecure. She doesn't know what to do anymore... But you would be insecure from less!

Princesa is very sweet, but she needs time to become herself and meet people who have the best in mind for her... She is a beautiful young teenager who was not lucky... She became a playtoy of our disposable society... Who can give her a stable life and the best cuddles?



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