Peterpan a disposable dog with a health problem,...

Peterpan a disposable dog with a health problem,...

March 1, 2020 09:41

Peterpan was rescued from a killing station. A Bully that must have had a hard life, we think, but we never get to know the backgrounds. Fact is that he is disposable because he is ill, he has a heart problem, an eye problem and there he is... 9 years, a crazy Bully, shared life and love for many years with his owner, through storms and summers... he loved his owners, you can still see that because he is so sad. He barely eats, and his eyes don't sparkle,, He doesn't want to keep going anymore.. 

Because he was dumped in a killing station, he didn't get medication for a while, or his eye drops, or food or water. He didn't want that anymore. He didn't understand what was happening, more than you know, it is deep. 

Who wants to open his heart for this Bully? For a while, maybe a little while, maybe a little longer, we can never know.. He needs medication, eye drops and a few other things, and please keep that in mind. He is a dog that needs care and will have high vet bills, that will not change. Maybe it will be better once he is stable on his medication, but we can not know that for sure. But he is so worth it. He is so sweet and thankful, social with other dogs, a darling in need.  



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