Peter Koekebakker, a friend and the face of rescue, is our of order for a little while..

Peter Koekebakker, a friend and the face of rescue, is our of order for a little while..

February 24, 2019 12:47
Today not a diary about one of our dogs, but about a good friend.. Peter Koekebakker, we have know him for years and years, even before Peter and Madeleine were in the rescue world, we already knew each other... He has his rescue organization and we have ours... For both fight in our own ways against something so big... 
Yesterday I drove to the little village La Linea, to our friend in his room... there he was... ever strong in his mind and proud as ever, but now I saw somebody who needed a boost... We never have time for anything as both Peter and I are always available for ours rescue day and night... Well, yesterday I visited a friend and sat with him.. I let the telephone for what it was and we just sat there, talking about everything and nothing... talked about memories of older times... He needed that....
Peter actually needs a pacemaker, but they will wait.. Because here in Spain, they might, just might maybe do that at the very last.. That is how the social security system works here.. It costs a lot of money and so they wait... That Peter is the face of rescue and father to more than 600 dogs, they didn't care at all.. I wish we could just help Pete right away, if only we could give him what he is entitled to... 
There we were... Peter was pale but brave as ever, he keeps fighting and never gives up... When Ana came in, we had a nice chat and we saw the twinkle in his eyes coming back... the rescue world is hard and it is lonely at the top because you can never let loose, you always have to keep going... Today Peter is out of business for a little while, but luckily everything keeps rolling and his dogs get everything they need... I want to ask everybody to send Peter a boost, to fill up the plane wall in his room with notes from his fans and saved dogs... That should be possible, right? A wall full of happiness and hope that turned into reality.. that always helps! 
Send your booster to:
Peter Koekebakker Hospital La Linea habitación 536
Calle Cartagena11300
La Línea dela Concepción (Cádiz)España

On behalf of Ace/Shin, good luck Monday with your surgery which needs to bring improvement and solutions... Peter, keep your head up! Everything will be ok!
We, the old experienced ones and never giving up fighters... you will get through this! Life can be so tough... But, we must keep going and never give up! We have our down every now and then alongside the road... but them you just have to be there for each other



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