Pepino, alone with Christmas

Pepino, alone with Christmas

January 5, 2020 10:53

A little unknowing dog, born to be happy, walked around without a goal in Algeciras, all 
alone during the holidays... Nobody took care of him, but we did receive an urgent call if we
could pick him up... That is how this sweet face came to us... 
Pepino is an adorable and gentle puppy, full of life, and so happy to be in our shelter now... He is full of love and friendship, playful and then having a rest in his basket...A puppy that was already dumped with Christmas... By who we will never know, but this dog is worth more than the person who dumped him.  
Now we will make sure he will get the best home and the warmest basket, and spend his next Christmas with somebody who loves him...



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