Pastor, once sentenced to death in a killing station... and now: Pastorrr and his lambs!

Pastor, once sentenced to death in a killing station... and now: Pastorrr and his lambs!

Our Pastorrrrr! As Rosalia said at that time in 2009, about that one Sherpard who could not find a home, but had found her protection in the killing station... 
We were so happy when he was finally saved by a lovely couple! Pastorrr is their angel ever since, they are head over heels in love with him and they cannot imagine their life without him anymore. 

This is a must read story.... told by the adoptants... how luck can be found in a small place sometimes...

Pestorrr is a reallt great dog, but in spring he is turning into a super hero. Our sweet cross shepard is by our side all the time and even got the nickname Shadow by people we came across outside (since he is always so close to us)
But when the lambs are born, at the stables of my horse, he has totally different priorities..
As soon as he gets the chance, he will run to the stables to guard over 'his' lambs, lying in front of the door, regularly looking at the lambs, if they are ok. 
If one of the lambs is ill or weak, he will dig onto the concrete floor, to try going there and by their side. 
A while ago, we got to help with a delivery, which was hard because the lambs were not positioned well in the birth canal and their heads could not come into the birth canal. After the first lamb was born, Pestorr took his took job very seriously and stayed with the newborn lamb, as the mother sheep continued giving labour to her second lamb. The second lamb was born very weak and after 45 minutes of verterinary help, the lamb died unfortunately. Pestorrr who was busy babysitting the first lamb, immediately went to the second lamb, pushing his nose  against her, as if he wanted to say: go on, get up. He layed next to her and was licking her belly. 
The first lamb is doing very well, growing up and in love with Pestorrr. As soon as he comes in, and sticks his nose under the stable door, she comes to the other side of the door. Every once in a while het gets to go to her. 



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