Our Oliver is happy...

Our Oliver is happy...

January 7, 2017 23:31

Our Oliver who came to us suffering from a bad eye problem and had an operation, after that he suffered from Parvo and survived..
It was 10 to 12..But we didnt give up and Oliver, with his zest for living, even less..
He survived and is now super happy with his boss, what more could we want?
Have a good life sweetheart!!

His boss writes the following:
Oliver, that is still his name, is my first dog. At home with my mama I always had a dog but I went to live on my own at a young age and then it is not possible to have a dog. With the help of my friends and family my dreams finally came true. I have moved to the center of Antwerp and am living in a home with a court yard together with my cat and Oliver.
Oliver is a dog that enjoys every moment. This I already noticed when he arrived at the airport. No stress, no fear, no barking or whining. He is the best and most beautiful dog I have ever seen.
It is wonderful to hear all your stories. I hope to I will be able to help in the future. You may be very proud of what you are doing.
Oliver has taught me the most beautiful life lessons in a short time. My life hasnt been easy all the time. He is very grateful to me, that I can see, but in reality he has saved me.
He felt at home in a short time and gets along great with the cat. At the moment he is growing up and puts his teeth into everything but this is caused by the changing of his teeth. I have visited the vet and he is in good health and also his eye is in good condition.
I want to wish you a great 2017 and dont know how to thank you, Fabienne and the rest of the crew, for everything.
I hope we will be able to save many lives together because they all deserve it!

Many greetings from Oliver and myself! xoxo



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