Our Meunier, an unobtrusive beautiful friend !!

Our Meunier, an unobtrusive beautiful friend !!

November 27, 2019 17:37

This gorgeous Sheperd mix was left behind at the killing station by his owners... without emotions they turned their backs at him, knowing that there was a big chance that he would not come out of there alive... Luckily we could make the difference for him in time!
Menier gets along very well with other dogs. He is very loyal and smart and eager to learn dog. A true working dog who will do everything for his owner. A friend for life... Meunier has been with us for a while now and every visitor who gets to know him, cannot believe that a dog witch such a great character can't find an owner...
He doesn't stand out, but when you get to know him, you will meet his great personality, he has to go to a family, he will always show his best side because he has an unconditional friendship...
His world must be saved! Who can make that happen?



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