Our Maestro

Our Maestro

December 11, 2019 11:08

A Mastin with a severe fracture.. all left alone... wandering on the streets... He screamed from pain, he probably was hit by a car or had an injury of something we don't know.. He didn't use his back leg because it hurt so much... All facebook screamed for help, so many people knew but nobody stood up for this very sweet dog. He is big, not a little guy, but he has a gentle character. 
We did everything to save his leg, but it was impossible... The specialist informed us that only an amputation could give him relief... The fracture was too far in and his leg was lost. 
So, with pain in our hearts... because for a big dog it is something, he had surgery and today he lives on 3 legs... His operation went well, his pain is a lot less severe and will be gone after his revalidation. He won't have pain anymore, but he will have to live on 3 legs... 
Maestro is social with everybody, always sweet and always thankful. Just a good guy, with a right like anybody else to be respected and loved somewhere...
May he come home somewhere? May this Christmas be the most beautiful one in his short life... 



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