Our cat projects continue...

Our cat projects continue...

April 12, 2019 15:44
We got a call that in of our known cat colonies, a few cats had given birth again and that there were some other pregnant cats as well... It is unbelievable, there are no boundaries really... But... we were able to catch them and some wild births could be prevented. 

The Siamese mother just let us do our thing, we could take her and her kittens, no objection.. She is now with a foster family.. Shortly after another mama came to us with her kittens, we followed her through the bushes and dumped stuff like old tires.. Somewhere on a cold floor, there were her 5 kittens, between tires and dirty cables... We have put the little ones in a cathing cage and mama followed with some food, she was just so hungry and desperate.. 

After that we luckily were able to catch a few others as well, like this longhaired beauty, who we also sterilized. Now we will observe them and see who might be suitable for a life in a home and who will be released back into the wild again, to live in their colony... But controlled this time.. 

And so we continue, day in, day out.. Our fight against this injustice to these innocent creatures.. these once are saved now, they were not born to die, but to live this life.. and each of them deserves a life with dignity... 



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