One of our oldies got his well deserved chance!

One of our oldies got his well deserved chance!

April 16, 2019 13:26
Our Bob, he will always be in our hearts.. He was dumped by his English owner, without a single emotion he stood there, telling his story, that he had to go back to his country, his misery, his bad luck and... and... and... And then he was handed over to us.. 

Bobs world collapsed... nobody knows how this old guy must have felt.. how he cried and how he was sad, the pain he had to go through... He slowly recovered, but he never understood, he looked into our eyes: why? And how good and sweet we were to him, he had a really hard time.. 

But today he was adopted... today he got a second chance... today he will feel loved again.. because no matter how hard we try, there are so many of them here... My message is: if you truly want a rescue, really want to make a difference... please give dogs like Bob a chance... you really can make the difference... Also older dogs are best friends, and even more than that... 



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