Olivia, once everything was ok,...

March 5, 2020 09:34

Olivia had to survive on the streets for a long time.. She was part of a family, but on a day, the door was closed for her, and she was banned from the home that she loved so much. She got some food here and there, tried to survive, she fought and fought to be able to find a home somewhere, but it didn't work. Once she had a huge hernia underneath her belly, the neighbours tried to convince the owners that they had to help her and give her surgery, but he didn't want to do anything for her anymore. He said she didn't belong to him, and that she should do from that bump that she caused herself, it was not his problem. Just let her die... 

The neighbours brought her to is and asked to give her a chance, and we did.. Olivia urgently needs surgery which will cost around 500 euro, where the hernia will be removed. It is so big, and she can hardly move anymore... She also has an injury on her paw, and we can't fix that anymore, she can live with it, but she limps a bit. On top of all this, she has Filaria. 

In short, this disposable doggy is a very good and charming dog. Her eyes speak for themselves, her body has the signs of a massive neglected life, but we want to make a change now!

Olivia deserves a great owner who will love her so much, and for the rest of her life.. You will be surprised how a thankful dog will make your life better.



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