Noel,...found on Christmas eve

Noel,...found on Christmas eve

February 9, 2020 09:09

On December 24th, two dogs showed up at the front door of a family in a small village... They did not surrender immediately and not the little girl. They were scared and hungry.. they wanted to but were afraid. In the end, one of them could be caught, the boy was so hungry and jumped on his bowl of food, it was impossible to capture the girl, but the people kept trying.. 

The boy was fragile, and the people went to the vet.. he was was not eating, was lifeless and so skinny, he was in a terrible condition, neglect had done its job. As a real miracle, he survived, with ups and downs... Today he is a playful boy who enjoys life! In his foster family, he learns to walk, play and cuddle, and he now finally gets the start that he deserves. A long and happy dog life.. 



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