Nicolas suffers from SIDA....What now.....

Nicolas suffers from SIDA....What now.....

March 17, 2018 04:14

Nicolas is a beautiful cat…..6 kg, a golden character…But……

He was thrown from a balcony and broke his paw and his other paw was also badly hurt. 

The person that found him dumped him in a cardboard box at the gate…..Nice and clean…..

Why? Is what you think and how can you…..But now we know why, our pour soul suffers from an incurable disease: inmunodeficiencia felina. This is probably the reason why he has been dumped.

He can become very old with this disease but he can infect other cats when they have sex or when they fight. That’s why we are looking for a place for him where he can be the only cat or where there are dogs because he is very fond of them….

Nicolas is a sweetheart but he has a heavy rucksack……

Still there will also be a fitting place for his life….

With people who have no cats or when they have a dog that would like a cat as a friend……..



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