Mena, our little shy girl...

Mena, our little shy girl...

March 24, 2019 17:51

2 Volunteers saw Mena when she was wandering around a donkey who lived his life on a gigantic chain... She was shy and scared, was not comfortable around people, after she was chased away everywhere where she came.. 
One of the volunteers took her up and with her to her home, where she developed into a very sweet and affectionate doggy.. Once she knew the family, she surrendered... She has so much friendship to give, love and attention, it has totally changed her.. She now is best friends with everybody, also with the cats of the family, she plays with the other dogs in the house. Mena would fit best in a quiet family where she gets all quietness and calmness to become herself again.. gets to go on walks and just enjoy this life.. It would make this sweetie so happy!



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