Marcela and her puppy....

Marcela and her puppy....

The story of this Breton Espanol, of barely 9kg, is pitiable…..

Her boss was a farmer from the campo. He brought Marcela into his own when one of the neighbors had a nest of puppies. Nice for the grand children, a moving thing on four legs, why not?

When Marcela was no longer a puppy and wanted to be Marcela…..It was enough……

She is only 1 year old…..

As nature intended Marcela became pregnant after her first heat…..

When she gave birth, she was put in an empty dirty container…..

No roof above her head, no blanket, not even a piece of cardboard, to protect herself from the cold rain and wind……

The puppies died one by one out of privation, only one survived……

When we received this information we took action and without any trouble, but much too late, we took mother and son away. 

Mama and the only surviving son were saved, but this puppy is very weak and it would be a miracle if tiny Marcel survives…..

May our work be rewarded, thanks to all volunteers and all people who helped with this operation

We are hoping for a more than happy ending…….




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