Luna, big and strong, but soft at heart

Luna, big and strong, but soft at heart

One of the killing stations closeby will close soon and all the dogs were supposed to be destroyed... they had to leave urgently, people came into action. As always we would take part of the population that was sentenced to death, but an hour after we came back to the refugio, we received a phone call.. 1 dog was left behind, nobody wanted to save her.. who was that dog? Well, bring her over, we are not going to leave her there.. 
Then Luna came... her one ear up, the other hanging down, big and skinny, with a coat that was not shiny and some more things.. she looked so sad, it was obviously that she had suffered.. her life is not over yet...  
She is a soft, good lady, but still looks sad and doesn't know what is happening with her life... This big sweetheart never knew love, never had a friendship, but change is here... and she likes it. 

Slowly but secure she will leave the past behind her...



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