Linus, waiting in death row

Linus, waiting in death row

December 14, 2019 11:52

We got a call that the days of a lot of dogs in a nearby killing station were almost over... The prettiest dogs, the small ones and most wanted ones were already gone, also the puppies were in better places. But 14 average, scared or Podenco like, unnoticed dogs, were never adopted.. And now they had the last chance because of this call...
People want puppies or small ones, or pretty dogs, the good ones in the cage next to it will remain unnoticed. Yet often they are the sweetest, loyal and affectionate dogs and our Linus is one of them,... He sat there in his cage, afraid, barking at everyone and everything.. He was in fear of death, every hour, every day and no one ever gave some effort to comfort him, care about him or take him..
He was with us the first few days and taken care of, we talked to him en slowly he started to open up. Slowly he started to feel that it was good... Slowly but steady...
Linus is a sensitive dog, who didn't know happiness yet, but he will definitely be a great friend if you give him some time... You will not regret it...



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