Large stream of mud through the refugio......

Large stream of mud through the refugio......

Today the day started completely different than expected.

Dirk went to the refugio very early, with a volunteer, to prepare for a flight. It is indescribable what they found when they arrived…..The water came streaming from under the gate. They whole parking lot was overflowing. Dirk phoned me immediately to organize helping hands, this wasn’t easy on an early Sunday morning. When I arrived Dirk and the volunteer were freeing the dogs from the first row of cages. There the water was so high that they had climbed onto their night cages.

I don’t want to think about what could have happened if we wouldn’t have had that early flight.

All dogs were evacuated and then the big cleaning could start. Everything was covered in mud and was wet, part of the food was in the water and we will have to throw it away.

But luckily we were able to save all dogs and that is the most important! 



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